Tattoo Community Resources

One of the best things about tattooing is the vibrant community of tattoo artists around the world. Tattoo artists are constantly coming out with new and cool ideas, putting out good work, and the art of tattooing has never stopped evolving. At Hildbrandt, one of the ways we give back to the community is to share interesting information about various tattoo related subjects. We’ve pooled our thoughts over the years into this community resources section of our website.

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General Blog

We regularly post things we come across that we find of interest to the tattooing community. The things people come up with in the tattoo world never ceases to amaze us! Occasionally, we also share our latest products / innovations, how-tos, general observations, rants, and more.

Guides For Beginners / References

Look, nothing substitutes having a proper apprenticeship at a reputable tattoo studio and learning from a pro. However, if you are interested in taking a look at what tattooing is like or looking up references (e.g. needle sizing, etc.) then this is the place to be.

Tattoos From Around the World

Sharing is caring, and we love it when tattoo artists like you share your work with us! Come show off your latest tat to our community. See what tattoos other artists have done. These photos feature tattoos done with equipment from Hildbrandt and our tattoo machines.

See Tattoo Gallery From Around the World

Archive of More Tattoos By Artists Around the World (before 2012)!

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