Grey Wash Tattoo Ink & Sets

We sell all the most popular grey wash tattoo ink available on to the tattoo industry. We feature Kuro Sumi, Intenze, Dynamic Color, Starbrite, Radiant Colors and many more.

Every Great Brand has a Great Grey Wash Line.

There are so many great brands that have their own specialty grey wash lines nowadays. Intenze has their high performance Formula 23 series. Radiant Colors has their Victor Portugal, created by the famous tattoo artist.. Victor Portugal. Kuro Sumi was established first as a revolutionary grey wash product with their outline to light and medium wash to their cherry tones and bronze tones. Dynamic Color Co., with their amazingly popular black and triple black inks, came out with their very own 4 step greywash with each gradient named 20, 40, 60 and 80. So there are lots to choose from!

Kuro Sumi Ink is a good Black Tattoo Ink

Professional artists all over the world agree that Kuro Sumi Ink is a good black tattoo ink. This stuff is used by thousands of tattoo artists all over the world. This brand is featured in magazines, wins contests and has had the industry buzzing since it first hit it. If you are looking for a good black tattoo ink, choose Kuro Sumi!

True Black, Tribal, Shading and Black ink for Tattoos

Whether you are looking for true black, tribal, shading or black ink for tattoos, Kuro Sumi does it all. Their versatile product line has a shade for every kind of work you dream up. All of the different washes and outlining bottles are made from the best ingredients that comes from a proprietary blend of combusted plant material that produces the blackest stuff on earth.

Kuro Sumi Makes a Good Grey Wash Shading Tattoo Ink

Professional artists know that this brand is a excellent true black outlining ink but Kuro Sumi is also makes a good grey wash shading tattoo ink. This company has become known for their specialty tints like bronze which makes a sepia tone or cherry which puts a reddish tint into your shading.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Review

We welcome all of our customers that have used this product to provide us with a Kuro Sumi tattoo ink review via our support email. Although this product has already been very well reviewed and received by the industry, we are always welcoming new information from our customers about what they like and what they don’t like. It is the only way we can improve our product line!

What are Black Tattoo Ink Ingredients?

What is found in black tattoo ink ingredients? We get this question a lot so we figured we should clarify for the consumer. While it is true that no 2 manufacturers will have the same exact ingredient list, there are common core components to every color or shade. All inks are made of a carrier solution and pigment which is suspended in the solution. The most common carrier solutions are witch hazel, alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol and water. Some specific metals and minerals are used to form the pigment for black; these include magnetite crystals, wustite and carbon. Organic substances that are used to make black are logwood, powdered jet and bone black.


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