Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply is your premier source for tattoo supplies. Our company started as a humble home business fixing and building tattoo machines. We have been a minor industry innovator since our establishment in 2004. Today we are an international supplier of tattoo supplies, tattoo equipment, machines and tattoo kits. Whether you are a professional or a newbie to the industry, our products will serve you well. We are based in USA and Canada. We ship to all of North America, Europe and Asia. Other industry standard products that we carry include tattoo needles, tubes, grips, tattoo ink, parts, tattoo power supplies, tattoo medical supplies and art items. We are always looking to increase our stock of products and we have been expanding our variety of goods carried for many years.


Tattoo Supplies

We carry an extensive range of tattoo supplies. Our tattoo art supplier line includes transfer paper for sketching and transferring of designs. Practice skin that feels just like real skin formed from compressed layers of silicon. Spray Stuff and Stencil Stuff, one to help apply stencils and one to keep them on, have been well received by professionals and are among the cutting edge of stencil application products. Other items we carry include ink cups, carrying cases, machine parts and furniture. Whether you need a small quantity or large, our warehouse is perfectly capable of fulfilling your needs.

Tattoo Kits

Our Hildbrandt tattoo kits are well known for quality and versatility for continued use after apprenticeship. Since machines themselves are used by pros and shops all over the world, it makes sense to start off practising with something you can continue to use later on. We often have various tattoo kits for sale so check back with us often! Inkstar is a brand that has become known for their great price and ease of use when it comes to tattoo starter kits. If there was such a thing as the perfect starting equipment to learn on, this brand is it.

Tattoo Machines

We carry a range of tattoo machine that can suit any level of expertise. We are constantly adding new ones and have taken it upon ourselves to build up an interesting collection of premium machines that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Our eclectic collection of brands features custom coil machines, one of kind builds and top of the line rotary tattoo machines. Among our impressive collection of well known and up and coming brands includes TTS Technical machines, Cheyenne Hawk machine, Union, Dickie Golden, Micky Bee, Brandyn Feldman, Borg, Iron Inx, Daniel Labonte and Pittsburgh Irons. We stock various machine parts as well that will fit all standard frames. Check with our site often as we sometimes have tattoo guns for sale.

Rotary Tattoo Machines

When we first started out in 2004, Rotary tattoo machines just made their debut. They were first met with skepticism in the industry but that soon changed when artists discovered the potential of them. The very first pioneers in the rotary market were the early Stigma rotaries, the Swiss Stealth and Ink Machines Dragonfly.  All of these builders developed a new kind of precision device that contested the dominance of the coil. Today, we have hundreds of builders that use differing variations of the original rotary designs developed by Stigma, Swiss and Ink Machines. Our brands for rotary machines include Stigma, Cheyenne, Helios, Hildbrandt, SabreJack SteelDickie GoldenDiabloStorm and Inkstar. Ranging from the high end of up to $900 for a Cheyenne to the entry level price of $20 for an Inkstar, whatever your budget is, we have you covered.

Tattoo Power Supply

Our various tattoo power supply units have increased in 2015 and we now offer many more brands and models. Our most advanced available is the Critical Tattoo Power Supply, these premium calibrated devices are said to be the best available on the market. Used by professional artists all over the world, Critical devices can be found in shops all over the industry. Our in house Hildbrandt units are designed for everyday usage, reliability and simplicity. On the entry level side, we have the Inkstar, which packs a punch for the price. Most of these power supply units are designed for the North American market and thus use 110V input, they range from as high as 6 amps for the Critical, 2-3 amps for the Hildbrandt’s and 1.5 to 2 amps for the Inkstar’s.

Tattoo Needles

We offer a wide range of tattoo needles that will cover any job your doing. Sometimes when we have a whack of soon to expire lots, we will have tattoo needles for sale, so look for deals every now and then! When using any grouping, make sure you adjust the proper tattoo needle depth. As with most needles, you should always check the tips for imperfections and improper sterilization. Utilization of an eye loupe will help with this process. Always throw away suspected contamination, losing a few cents is better than the risk of infection!

Tattoo Inks

We carry well recognized brands of tattoo inks and our selection of tattoo ink colors found in our tattoo ink shop is extensive. All of our ink is guaranteed to be authentic and this can be verified with the rights holders of the brands. We are official distributors for Starbrite, MOMs Tattoo Ink, Radiant Colors, Kuro Sumi, Dynamic, Talens, Black Pearl, UV Blacklight inks and more. We recommend all customers to be careful of the fake knockoffs of well known brands being sold on Ebay and other online avenues. For more information regarding knockoffs, please have a read of our blog, we published a long article in regards to contaminated ink a while back. In addition, we are always publishing more articles on this topic as it is a public health concern that affects all of us.

The Tattoo Store

For almost a decade now, Hildbrandt has established itself as the tattoo store for one stop shopping for all things related to the industry.  We have been blessed with a strong customer base that includes professionals of the industry of thirty plus years and many talented new school artists that are making a name for themselves.  Our dedication to great customer care and service has put our company in the fore front of this great industry.  The tattoo store of the past is a part of history, so are the old school ways.

Tattoo Grips & Tubes

We stock all the tattoo grips and tubes for our needles. All of our disposable products come pre-sterilized with a proper expiry date. A lot of artists nowadays are going the disposable route as it is cost effective, easy and quick. The only other alternative is going with an autoclave and stainless steel. While this may save you money in the long run, the cost to get a proper autoclave is extremely expensive. This is why so many people are now going the disposable way. Be sure to check your packaging before you use any pre-sterilized item as this will indicate it may be contaminated. Every now and then packaging can be damaged during shipping so checking the seals are an important step to preventing contamination!

Tattoo Machine Parts

We offer a wide range of tattoo machine parts that will allow a wide range of custom options for your project. You can find any part you need including armature bar, springs, contact screws and other tattoo gun parts. Our threading for most of our screws are standard American threading of #8-32×1″, M4-.7. Our contact screws include a wide variety of metals like brass, stainless steel and silver. Our machine springs range from 0.18 to 0.20 gauge. All of our parts are designed to fit standard size frames and are interchangeable with many different builders and brands.

Tattoo Medical Supplies

Tattoo medical supplies are the core components of this industry and we carry only the best brands. We work hard to screen all potential tattoo medical supply vendors before we engage in any large scale purchase. This makes sense since the whole point of these products is to protect and keep clean, the vendor that sells them better be sure they will sanitize and sterilize as they should. We suggest using barrier methods if your workspace is not easy to sanitize. Examples of barrier methods would be clip cord covers, machine covers and barrier film. Always keep a steady supply of disinfecting wipes for on the go disinfection.

Tattoo Machine

Whether you are looking for a tattoo pen, rotary or coil, find the tattoo machine that’s right for you here.

Hildbrandt Ideaprint Stencil Printer

Hildbrant Ideaprint


The Ideaprint, For Intricate, Fine Line & Detailed Stencils.

Portable & Wireless, it goes where you go. Designed with the new D2.0 Print head, capable of printing very detailed stencils. Connects with iOS Apple devices.

The Color Shop


Owned and operated by the world-famous celebrity artist, Mario Barth. This brand has been a huge player in the professional industry for decades. Their colors are known to be among the brightest healing in the tattooing world

Radiant Colors

Radiant Colors is one of the best tattooing inks in easy pigment dispersion. The flow rate of Radiant Colors is lightning fast and flies right into the skin. Made in the USA.

Dynamic Colors

This All American brand has been a part of the tattoo industry for decades. Established in 1990, yes that is correct, 24 years ago, this brand has proven to withstand the tests of time. This brand is made in the USA.

World Famous Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink was developed from the experience and expertise of world famous tattoo artists. These amazing inks are made with a proprietary formula that combines the highest quality inks with the solid, core viscosity of every color.


Bloodline Tattoo Ink was founded in 1995 from old school origins with time tested, old fashioned methods.  The inks are made in small batch powders from milling of thick traditional grade pigments.

Shadink Tattoo Ink

Shadink Tattoo Ink has been making huge waves in the tattooing world with their amazing color portrait & black & gray style inks. We love this ink because it embodies the spirit of the modern tattoo artist. Created in Canada & made in the USA!


UV Blacklight reactive inks will glow under a Blacklight UV light, great for outlining and highlights.  Your tattoo will have amazing visual effects at clubs and raves!

Kuro Sumi

Originally formulated in Japan, Kuro Sumi Ink brings the best formula and world-class ingredients for a truly safe and amazing result.  Kuro Sumi is now made in the USA!

Superfine Ink

Superfine ink is an amazingly fresh tattoo ink that is ethically manufactured using natural, sterile, cruelty-free and vegan friendly ingredients exclusively in the USA.  Developed by a team with decades of experience in the tattoo industry.

Allegory Tattoo Ink

Allegory tattoo ink has been taking the industry by storm with the ultimate black tattoo ink for lining and shading. Artists love the smooth and consistent blend of this carefully formulated dispersed pigment that meets the highest standards in the industry.


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