Although the type of taper a needle is not normally mentioned on the packaging, it is sometimes included in the product names. Taper is another aspect that artists take into consideration. There are short taper, long taper, extra-long taper, and even super long taper tattoo needles. The longer a needle’s point is, the higher up on the shaft of the needle the taper down to the point begins. A longer, finer taper allows better control over ink flow than a short taper.  However, a longer taper sacrifices flow speed–a trade-off that works well for filling, but not great for line work. In other words, long tapers are often better for precision work that you want to take your time doing for an optimal end result.

Standard Taper = 1.5mm | Long Taper = 2mm

Extra Long Taper = 3.5mm |Super Long Taper = 5.5mm