•350W Brushless Motor: The powerful 350W brushless motor offers 3-speed modes. Adjust your speed from low-speed mode at ECO 6km/h, COAST 15km/h or SPORT mode at 25km/h. The powerful brushless motor goes hand-in-hand with the double shock absorption system, making your ride as comfortable as possible. The 350W brushless motor provides stable output, meaning you won’t have to worry about any bumps in the road!

•Shock Absorbing Tires: These 8.5-inch solid rubber tires are shock-absorbing, making it the ultimate smooth ride.

•Rear Disk Break: The rear disk braking system allows for highly responsive brakes ensuring the utmost safety of the rider, and the rear red light turns on, alerting others in the surrounding.

•Easily Portable with One-Step Folding Mechanism: The Ecoquick|V1 Electric Scooter’s intelligent design and one-step folding mechanism make it one of the most highly portable electric scooters. The lightweight design makes Ecoquick|V1 the best daily commuter scooter in the E-scooter segment.

•Multifunctional Display: The interactive display is engineered to show you the current speed, three different speed modes, battery capacity, and headlight indication. The scooter’s onboard system ensures a safe and comfortable ride.

•Safety: The Ecoquick|V1 Portable Electric Scooter is all about safety, which is why it comes equipped with bright LED headlights! Never worry about riding in the dark again. The robust dashboard allows one to control speed mode, track of the battery level, and lights all from the LCD!