Rotary Tattoo Kits For Sale

Branded rotary tattoo kits for sale by Hildbrandt, Inkstar and Javelin.  Rotary tattoo machines and pens are becoming a popular choice for new artists.

We offer a variety of rotary tattoo kits for sale that are from Hildbrandt and Inkstar. All of our branded rotary tattoo kits come with the same or similar components as our other well designed Hildbrandt and Inkstar tattoo kits. This means you will be getting all the education material along with the training DVD and the same high-quality needles, tubes and grips. We take pride in providing customers with good information to limit the possibility of anyone hurting themselves or others. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet, with our tattoo kits, you can have peace of mind knowing the education provided is approved by artists, made for aspiring artists.

Rotary tattoo machines

Rotary tattoo machines have been growing in popularity for years now. These machines are a new tool in the arsenal of equipment available to artists. Rotary machines have been making a splash with new school and old school artists alike. Rotaries work by using an electric motor to move the needle instead of an electromagnetic coil. The difference is the rotary machine is quieter, smoother and a lot easier to setup. The lack of adjustable parts makes rotary machines a popular choice for aspiring artists.


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