A question that is asked by aspiring artists everyday is how to get a tattoo apprenticeship. First of all, if you are just thinking about getting one and stopping by every tattoo shop in town to try your luck, give up, now, this is not that kind of tutorial. Getting a tattoo apprenticeship is a commitment that only some aspiring artists are prepared to take on. Generally speaking, an apprenticeship will require up to 2 years or more to finish, you should ask yourself, are you in a position in life for that kind of commitment? The first thing you need to do is practice and get to know the trade, that is why Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply offers tattoo kits for sale. Build a proper portfolio by drawing, practicing on pigskin,practice skin and grapfruit. Once you have established a decent portfolio of work, show them around to people, not necessarily in the tattoo trade, see what regular people think of your work first. If you can’t get passed a regular persons eye, then you probably need more practice before you seek the approval of a studio. The following are videos and their summaries that will cover how to get a tattoo apprenticeship.

Learning How to Tattoo

Featuring Lenny Welch

Video Summary: If you have an artistic talent in drawing, joining the field of tattooing may be an interesting and profitable way for you to express yourself. When you are first starting out, you should practice your drawings on paper, practice skin, pigskin and grapefruit. By building a portfolio of your work, you are gaining a good amount of practice. One of the ways to get acquainted with the industry is by studying other peoples work via the internet, magazines or tv shows. The next step is to seek a tattoo apprenticeship in a reputable studio. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time learning and asking questions. Do not attempt to do skin work until the person you are apprenticing from feels you are ready to try it.

How to get a Tattoo Apprenticeship

Featuring Lenny Welch

Video Summary: A person with natural artistic talent and are interested in tattooing would look into seeking a tattoo apprenticeship. Skills needed would include the ability to draw tattoos in a way that people find interesting. You will need to build a portfolio to show your skills in color and black and grey. Get ample practice handling a tattoo machine by practicing on practice skin, pigskin or grapefruit. Once your portfolio is built up to certain level, seek out a studio willing to take on a new tattoo apprenticeship staff. Nowadays, apprenticeships can cost between 5000 to 10000 dollars. The timeframe is roughly 1 to 2 years to completion. It is a heavy commitment but the reward is reaped for a lifetime as a tattoo artist. For the first 6 months, expect to do mundane studio work like cleaning equipment, sweeping floors, filing paperwork and greeting customers. Be patient, it can take up to a year or two before you actually get to start skin work. The best times to approach tattoo shops would be during the slower months like fall and winter when the studio is not as busy.

Tattoo Artist Qualifications

Featuring Lenny Welch

Video Summary: Many states will have qualifications requirements for tattoo artists. These qualifications include but are not limited to a CPR Certificate, Red Cross Training and possible a basic First Aid course. In Florida there are no such qualifications requirements. The only requirements for a tattoo shop are a business license, tax account and registration with the health department. Generally health departments will focus on piercing and maintenance of a clean work environment.