A compilation of videos covering different techniques and tips for designing and implementation of ink. These videos cover design, drawing and transfer. Sometimes we come across some great how to tattoo videos and feel it is a good idea to share. These videos won’t teach you all the tricks of the trade nor will you become a professional artist by watching them but they are a great help for those just starting up. Check back on our blog from time to time for additional free tattoo lessons and help. For more great videos Ehow is a great place to find them. Although some of the videos may not look like they are Hollywood casting material, most of them are very informative and helpful. Ehow is especially good at weeding out the poor content ones. Also, there are some decent videos on Youtube, but be careful as there is also a lot of bad tattoo videos there as well. As with everything in life, common sense and experience will show you the way.

How to Draw Tattoos

Lenny Welch goes over how to draw tattoos, what is tattoo flash and what drawing a custom design entails. She illustrates what pencil types to use and what type of paper to use. She describes how tattoo flash is created and sold.

How Are Tattoos Given?

Erick Wyckoff covers in this video designing, transfer and how are tattoos given thereafter. Its important to know how to draw and transfer the design onto transfer paper and then to skin. Video also talks about line drawing, how to use transfer paper, how to use a thermal transfer paper printer and how to transfer a tattoo design onto skin. The last segment goes on and describes the process of how a tattoo machine transfers ink to skin.

How to Tattoo a Person

Chip Taylor goes over how to to tattoo a person in this informative video. From the minor details of the skin to mindset. This guy is a tattoo artist with a lot of experience under the belt. With a simple approach, Chip provides a tutorial that is to the point and easy to understand.

Design and Implementing to Skin

Daniel Walker talks about how he goes about thinking up a design and implementing it to skin. He either goes first to freehand transfer paper or if the situation warrants it, goes directly to skin with free hand. There are many factors that affect his decision like skin type, body shape and how well the tattoo design works with all these factors.

Many of these videos were made possible by eHow.com