Tattoo Medical Supplies & Sterilization

Hildbrandt offers a variety of tattoo medical supplies designed to help sterilize and make your work environment a safer place to operate in.

Our full line of tattoo cleaning supplies and tattoo medical supply are essential to combating contamination. The first step to becoming recognized as a professional is not by how good your work is, it is by how safe you can operate. Safety among all else is the key to running a reputable shop. The work you do can look like a painting from god himself, but if your customer leaves with an infection, god is not going to be helping you fix your reputation.

Tattoo Preparation: The Safe Way

Tattoo cleaning supplies, sterilization and sanitation have come a long way since the dark dingy shops of yesteryear. Today we have sophisticated autoclave methods to sanitize reusable equipment. Disposable tools like disposable tattoo tubes and needles are becoming very popular and are effective in the prevention of contamination. Barrier methods like clip cord covers, machine covers and the barrier film are a great way to keep tools clean. A clean tattoo is a good one and before you know how to ink someone, you should already know proper sanitization methods for your equipment. For those that do not want to invest in a proper autoclave, we suggest going the disposable route. Going disposable is cheap, effective and fast.

Equipment Sterilization & Work Station Prep

Work station preparation is key to maintaining a clean work environment beyond the need to sterilize tattoo equipment. Your tattoo medical equipment may be top notch but if your work station looks like a hurricane ran came through, cross-contamination can and will occur. Keeping yourself organized and your workspace well kept gives customers confidence and shows you are professional. On top of all this, knowing how to sterilize tattoo equipment in an organized fashion is also crucial to a good work ethic.

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