The Needle Runner replaces the need to use rubber bands for your tattoo machines. The nifty little piece clips onto your needle and by using the natural motion of the needle, allows the needle to stabilize and naturally move up and down with very minor fluctuation. The Needle Runner is a must have for tattoo artists that are fed up with rubber bands, put on another one and its too tight, take off one and its too loose battle. With the Needle Runner, you won’t have to cry those tears any more and your tattoo machine will run beautifully. No rubber band means less drag for the tattoo machine, you can use a lower voltage and cause your customer less pain.

PRICE CORRECTION! Apparently David can’t calculate based on UK Pounds converted to US dollars and accidentally set the price on April 1st, 2011 to be $5.99 USD for the selling price. No, it wasn’t an April fools joke, we actually lost money on those transactions, so I guess the jokes on us and that’s why YOUR not in the office much Davie. The price has been corrected to $9.99, sure they may cost more than rubber bands, however, for a better quality tattooing experience and increase in overall performance for your tattoo machine and power supply, its worth it to shell out the bigger bucks. Your customer will thank you for the effort you made to make their tattooing session more comfortable.

Check out the video for Needle Runner, its very well put together and the guy has an awesome English accent!