Tattoo Power Supplies

Tattoo Power Supply company, Hildbrandt, offers tattoo power supplies that are CE certified, highly durable & ultra-responsive for precise power adjustments.

We carry a range of CE certified tattoo power supply units that range from economical and high end. Our best power supply units are the Hildbrandts. Hildbrandt units are capable of a wide range of output that has very little current fluctuations. We keep our design simple but the underlying electronic parts are high quality. The result is like an AK47, accurate, reliable and durable. These guys can take a licking and keep on ticking. All our Hildbrandt models have ten turn dials that are very responsive to power adjustments. Our Inkstar tattoo power supplies are economical but do not let their low price tag confuse you, time has proven these units to be very reliable. Buy with confidence as all of our equipment comes with a standard 6 month warranty.

Power Supply for Tattoo Machines & Guns

Choosing the right power supply for tattoo machine setups are important. If you are running a high-end Mickey Sharpz or an Aaron Caine, you will want to go with a higher end output device to run them. Our Hildbrandts would be ideal to run professional gear and there are thousands of shops out there that can attest to that. One great feature that our Hildbrandt Abrams and Inkstar Lancer have is the dual power supply capability. This allows two machines to be run off of the same unit with the flick of a switch.

Digital Tattoo Power Supply

We do not carry digital tattoo power supply units anymore due to the high degree of fluctuation in their readouts. We have seen many digital units that come from the same company do completely different things on their readout. We do not believe this is conducive to accurately tuning a machine nor running one effectively.

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