Our Surge + Radix combo gives you Peak-level power and uninterrupted, cord-free tattooing. 


Take on any style with effortless voltage adjustments on Surge’s touchscreen interface. Plus, take advantage of a versatile setup with the Surge’s built-in magnets, which attach to any ferrous metal surface in your workstation. 


Power on and off or tattoo in continuous + momentary modes with the Radix. To work in continuous mode, tap the Radix with your foot to turn it on, then tap it again to turn it off. To work in momentary mode, hold the Radix down with your foot and lift up when you’re ready to stop tattooing.

Our wireless Radix footswitch is made from ultra-durable zinc alloy. It can handle anything you throw at it, and won’t wear down from everyday use. Plus, it lasts for up to 2 months on a single charge.  

When paired with our Surge power supply using RF technology, the Radix gives you totally uninterrupted power.  

Key Features of the Surge: 

  • Durable aluminum tattoo power supply 
  • Effortless voltage adjustments on touchscreen interface 
  • Also features a full-color TFT display 
  • Built-in magnets attach to any ferrous metal surface in your workstation 
  • Tattoo with the jumpstart feature: 10v in 0.2 seconds 
  • LED rim lighting; changes color with voltage adjustments 
  • Tattoo with up to 2 machines using dual RCA inputs 
  • Also connects to standard wired footswitches 
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient travel 

Key Features of the Radix: 

  • Ultra-durable zinc alloy body; can handle everyday wear-and-tear 
  • Full charge in 1 hour using USB-C cable 
  • Operates for up to 2 months on 1 charge 
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient travel