The Hildbrandt Afterlife Digital Tattoo Dual Machine Power Supply is capable of running two tattoo machines, one shader and one liner. This advanced power supply can adjust between 6 different shader and liner settings.  The on board computer will allow you to set 6 different memory settings to tailor each memory setting to individual tattoo machines.  The advanced readout displays the duty cycle, voltage, Amps, tattoo machine speed, time and running time of your current operation.  The interface is user friendly and is touch screen sensitive.  Built in 2.3 Amp overload protection.  Comes complete with a detailed instruction manual on how to program and setup the unit.  Incremental voltage adjustment allows adjustments of 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5 volts to allow for maximum accuracy.  The unit is capable of standing on either metal legs, supporting it on a table top or with suction cups that will allow it to be put on a mirror, glass or other smooth surface. This unit is capable of utilizing both North American and European power standards with its versatile power supply adapter (115V for North America and 230V for Europe), so you can travel anywhere with it. Power supply only, clip cord and footswitch is sold separately. Product code: AFPW

  • Digital dual tattoo machine power supply
  • Incremental voltage adjustment allows adjustments of 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5 volts
  • 6 memory settings, you can set each setting to individual tattoo machines
  • Press liner or shader button to switch between your liner and shader
  • Power supply output: 1.5V – 18V
  • Built in 2.3 Amp overload protection
  • Non volatile memory, will hold time and presets even if unplugged
  • CE approved