PurKlenz® is a revolutionary topical antiseptic skin cleanser for skin preparation.  Prepare your clients skin for tattoo and piercing with an advanced cleansing formula.

For handwashing to decrease bacteria on the skin
Lubricates & Moisturizes
Reduces odour-causing bacteria
Cleans skin and removes dirt, grease, and oil
Contains Chloroxylenol (PCMX)
High-quality 4cc pump helps reduce cross-contamination
Tamper-resistant and Leak-proof induction sealed bottle
NDC 49436-291-01

How to Use this Product

Recommended Protocols using PurKlenz® for
Traditional Tattooing


NOTE: Do not use PurKlenz inside the mouth, directly on the tongue, in the eyes, or around the
eye lid & eye lash area. PurKlenz is safe to use on lips and eyebrows. Safe on genitals as well.
Do not mix or use PurKlenz with other products containing PCMX. Do not use PurKlenz if the
presence of a disease or physical condition including, but not limited to, skin rash, infection,
allergic reaction etc…makes it impossible or undesirable to treat a particular client in the usual
manner. Do not use PurKlenz for tongue piercings.
1. Wash hands and don clean gloves.
2. Dispense PurKlenz onto a piece of sterile gauze. It is appropriate to use a half pump
(2cc) to a full pump (4cc) of PurKlenz per tattoo. If you need more, use more. The
amount to be used is subject to the size of the area to be shaved. Reminder: use a
sterile gauze to wipe off all excess PurKlenz left on skin after shaving.
NOTE: 1 full pump dispenses 4cc (0.135 ounces) of liquid.
3. Fold sterile gauze in half and then open it so as to evenly distribute PurKlenz across the
4. Using a consistent outward circular motion with gentle but firm friction beginning in the
center of the area to be shaved and end at least 2 inches beyond the area to be
tattooed. There will be a thin visible layer of PurKlenz on the entire area that will be
5. Take a single use disposable razor and begin shaving from the top of the area to the
bottom in columns up to approximately 4-5 inches in length at a time. Make sure to
shave with the direction of hair growth. Continue until the entire area has been shaved.
6. Dispose of razor in approved sharps container after use. Do not recap.
7. Wash area with sterile water and sterile gauze. Follow the proper protocol in making a
Rinse bottle as per your Local and Federal Laws.


1. Wash Hands.
2. Don clean gloves
3. Dispense up to three pumps of PurKlenz onto a piece of sterile gauze.
NOTE: 1 full pump equals 4cc (0.135 ounce) of liquid.
4. Fold gauze in half and gently rub both sides together creating a foam.
5. Unfold gauze back into original folds.
6. Clean skin by starting in the center wiping with the gauze in one consistent, outward circular motion using gentle but firm friction.
7. Use the opposite side of the gauze to repeat the same motion. This should not be an attempt to remove the PurKlenz from the tissue being prepped.
8. Prepare the skin for tattooing by unfolding gauze and using the inside to repeat steps 6 and 7.
9. Allow the PurKlenz to sit on the tissue for a minimum of 30 seconds.
10. Remove gloves and don fresh gloves.
11. With a new piece of sterile gauze, remove the PurKlenz from the tissue by wiping from the center of the area in one consistent outward circular motion with gentle but firm friction. If necessary, use opposite side of gauze to repeat action and remove the PurKlenz.
12. Client’s skin has now been prepped for the procedure. Follow appropriate studio procedures for the tattoo.
13. Ensure that any product used in conjunction with PurKlenz does not contain any PCMX (Chloroxylenol), such as Dettol, Green Soap or Provon, to name a few.


There are many products that are used to help in the application and transfer of stencils. For example, TatuDerm Skin Prep and Stencil Stuff have been used extensively with PurKlenz. PurKlenz can be used for the application of stencils, but excessive rubbing or wiping with PurKlenz will remove the Stencil Ink. Ensure that any product used in conjunction with PurKlenz does not contain any PCMX (Chloroxylenol).
1. Wash hands and don fresh gloves.
2. Using a new or sanitized rinse bottle, fill with distilled water and a half an ounce (4 pumps) of PurKlenz per every 8 oz. of distilled water.
NOTE: 1 full pump equals 4cc (0.135 ounce) of liquid.
3. Gently shake to mix the contents fully. Careful as contents may foam.
4. Discard any remaining mixture daily to prevent any bacterial growth.
NOTE: If you are using distilled water, please check with your local Health Department to verify if it is permitted. In light of recent Mycobacterium outbreaks with water and pigment in the USA and Canada, we would highly suggest that you follow the Federal Recommendations made by the CDC regarding the use of sterile water during the procedure to cleanse the tattoo and in your rinse cup.

Product code: PURKLZ