PurSan® is a revolutionary skin cleanser for use during a tattoo and for aftercare when it is done. This product help immensely towards the proper healing of the tattoo.
Colorant-free Pearly White Formula
Replenishes natural emollients
Revitalizes, refreshes, and purifies skin
Hydrates skin and prevents damage caused by dryness
Kills odour-causing bacteria
Chloroxylenol (PCMX)
Shake gently before use
Flip-top cap reduces cross-contamination
Tamper-resistant and Leak-proof induction sealed bottle

PurSan® Body Art Aftercare Soap Recommended Protocol for Tattoo Aftercare NOTE: Do not use PurSan inside the mouth, directly on the tongue, in the eyes, or around the eye lid & eye lash area. PurSan is safe to use on lips, eyebrows and genitals. Do not use PurSan if the presence of a disease or physical condition including, but not limited to, skin rash, infection or allergic reaction makes it impossible or undesirable to treat a particular client in the usual manner. Ensure that products used in conjunction with PurKlenz, PurTect & PurSan do not contain PCMX (Chloroxylenol), for example Dettol, Green Soap or Provon.

1. Apply PurSan to hands, wash and rinse hands.
2. Wet the tattooed area to be washed.
3. Apply a small amount of PurSan to freshly washed hands and gently wash the tattoo.
4. Rinse fully under running water.
5. Gently pat dry with a clean towel.
6. Apply an appropriate unscented and colorant-free aftercare product such as PurTect® to your new tattoo, following the Recommended Protocol for PurTect.
7. Repeat several times daily according to your Tattoo Artist’s instructions for Aftercare.

Product code: PURSAN118