Versatile Lap Protection: Our Disposable Dental Bibs offer functional lap coverage, serving as reliable shields against spills and splashes during various procedures. These top-quality medical bibs ensure cleanliness and comfort, safeguarding patients’ and clients’ clothing and skin.

3-Layer Absorbent Design: Each dental bib, measuring 13″ x 18″, features a clever construction with two layers of highly absorbent tissue paper and a durable poly film layer. These dental sheets provide a soft, gentle touch while maintaining impressive strength and reliability.

Efficient Liquid Management: When it comes to managing wet cleanups, our Disposable Dentist Bibs excel. Their surface embossing skillfully traps liquid spills, preventing any transfer to clothing or skin. With a poly film backing, these bibs securely contain absorbed liquid within their layers.

Effective Moisture Barrier: The plastic poly film backing creates an effective barrier against liquid and moisture escape, making them ideal tray covers for tattooing, permanent makeup, and dental procedures. Tattoo artists, estheticians, and nail technicians will appreciate their moisture-wicking capabilities.

Multipurpose Solution: Hildbrandt Dental Bibs disposable are versatile additions to orthodontal practices, cosmetology services, tattoo studios, and more. They serve as tray liners, tool covers, and equipment protectors. Whether used over pillows, chairs, or equipment, these bibs maintain sterility and simplify post-procedure cleanup.