Tattoo Machine - Inkstar

Our current lineup of tattoo kits for sale consists of starter kits, Apprentice kits and professional kits. All of the kits we have available are designed to immerse the user in the equipment, learning material and practice that is required to continue into an apprenticeship. Unlike other kits sold online, we don’t just throw a box of stuff at you and say good luck, we provide a continuous guide through our crash course manual, learning books and DVD’s. While this practice may be looked down upon by some of the old school artists of the industry, we feel that if someone is going to buy a tattoo kit anyway, they should at least get one with proper education material to prevent them from hurting themselves.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kits
The popular Hildbrandt tattoo kits are well setup and designed to allow the aspiring artist a firm footing towards an apprenticeship. The Hildbrandt machines, power supply and components are of superior quality. There are thousands of professional artists in shops all over the world that use Hildbrandt machines. What Hildbrandt provides is a kit with the necessary gear to carry over into professional work after you have completed your apprenticeship. This aspect is a great benefit because the tattoo machines you learn with are also the same ones you will be using when you ink skin.

Inkstar Tattoo Kits
Inkstar Tattoo Kits are excellent entry level setups that offer excellent value. There are also many artists globally that use Inkstar machines. For the budget minded, Inkstar is for sure the way to go. Although the gear in the kit is different than Hildbrandt kits, the learning material provided is the same and so are the needles, tubes and grips. In professional work, Inkstar machines can hold their own.


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