The Stinger rotary tattoo machine by Inkstar can be setup as a liner or shader. It is based on a popular and well-known rotary design that features an adjustable click set give via the click slide mechanism.  We installed a new and improved 2nd generation Zero R motor on this design and didn’t change much else.  Ultralight assembly. .  Capable of engaging at 4.5v and runs at as low as 5.5v.  Assembled with a 3mm bearing, designated as a liner/shader, better for lining but suitable for both.  Fitted with RCA and clip cord mount.  This piece weighs in at less than 5 oz (140 grams) which is very light for a rotary machine but it still packs a punch with its new and improved 2nd generation Zero R motor!


* Improved 2nd Generation Zero R Motor
* Setup as a liner or shader
* 3mm bearing
* RCA & clip cord ready
* Weighs less than 5 oz (140 grams)
* Extremely lightweight
* Compact and easy to use
* Best value for the money

Product code is ISTNGRTM