Hildbrandt Tattoo Machines


Hildbrandt has been a tattoo supplier since 2006. We have gone from an equipment making company to a full service tattoo supplies house. From our humble beginnings, we have learned that it is good customers and good customer service that make this business. We are dedicated to making long term friends in the industry and will stand by our commitments to our customers.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Machines

More than 10,000 artists worldwide use and trust Hildbrandt Tattoo Machines.  We carry some excellent coil machines like the Marlin Shader to the Magnum Liner.  We are confident one of our tattoo machines will meet your needs.

Javelin Tattoo Pens

The Javelin Tattoo Pen is a powerful tattooing pen that features a sleek design. It has the performance of high powered pens but does not have the pricetag.  Two of our smoothest and most versatile rotary machines are the Javelin Lycan and Wraith.  Equipped with an ultra powerful 4.5watt motor coupled with a 3.5mm stroke.  The Lycan is capable of slamming out bold, precise lines, as well as gently blend in beautiful shading work, meanwhile, The Wraith is capable of creating crisp and fine lines as well as smoothly blend in beautiful color and shading.


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