The Lycan is a powerful and versatile machine. This rotary style cartridge-based design has a powerful 4.5watt motor coupled with a versatile 3.5 mm stroke. The Lycan is capable of slamming out bold, precise lines, as well as gently blend in beautiful shading work.  The Lycan comes with a 1″ grip as shown, this grip is compatible with Cheyenne Thunder, Spirit, Sol Luna and Terra Grips.

With an incredible range of operation between 50 and 190 Hz, you will be able to do everything with these machines, from dot working and color realism at lower frequencies to smooth and striking linework just by turning up the frequency.

* Capable of slamming out bold lines
* Capable of blending beautiful shading work
* Made of Aircraft Aluminum
* Japanese ZeroR2 Motor
* Stroke length of 3.5mm
* Operating voltage range: 4-12V DC
* Stitch Frequency of 50-190HZ
* RCA jack plug connection
* Fits all standard cartridge needles in the market
* Comes with the Lycan Motor & 1″ Grip
* Grip is compatible with Cheyenne Thunder, Spirit, Sol Luna & Terra Grips.

Product Code: JAVLYCXXX