Hildbrandt .444 Marlin

The .444 Marlin is one of the more popular machines from Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply.  It comes standard with our 2008 and later kits.  It was featured in a Czechoslovakian tattoo magazine in February of 2008.  Factory setup The twin frame of the .444 Marlin is the .38 Calibre. Factory setup as a 10 wrap slower shader, better suited for accuracy. 10 wrap coils, 33mm height, 22uf capacitor, 50WV.  Weight is 230 grams/8 ounces. Product code: 7SW

Counterfeit Hildbrandt Machines: There are suppliers selling fake Hildbrandt machines, most of them from China.  You can identify them by their thinner frames and lack of a model designation on the frame base.  Only Hildbrandt machines come with a codified production series number.  If you think you may have purchased a counterfeit Hildbrandt, email us with the productions series number and we’ll be able to tell you if its real or not.