Victor Portugal Black and Grey Shading Tattoo Ink set in 1oz size.  This stuff is used for the best blending of contrasting tones and detail in the tattoo industry.  Amazing for B&G work, portraits and building definition.  Made in the USA.  This set will be your last set of greywash because this is the ONLY set of greywash an artist will ever need.

The set comprises of 5 unique shades. Lining, is a pure solid black that is used to create your outlining.  V1 is the darkest tone of the shades.  V2 is our shade’s mid tone, perfect to work with depths.  V3 is just the right one for light shades.  V4 is the lightest tone in the set and is amazing for the final details. Comes complete with a small bottle of Radiant White for lightening shades.

Product Code: RADVPS1