World Famous Five-Stage shading set includes Light Greywash, Midtone Greywash, Ghost Greywash, Charcoal Grey, Dark Greywash and Special Shading Solution.  Available as individual or as a set in 1oz bottles.  Take the guesswork out of mixing gradients and do the finest black and grey realism portraits and other masterpieces with these specially calibrated 5 stage greywash inks!

Available in:

  1. Light Greywash 8oz
  2. Midtone Greywash 8oz
  3. Ghost Greywash 8oz
  4. Charcoal Grey 8oz
  5. Dark Greywash 8oz
  6. Special Shading Solution 4oz or 8oz
  7. Complete Five-Stage Shading 1oz Greywash Set