Kuro Sumi brand outlining black tattoo ink in a 6 oz bottle. A superior product that is made with close attention to quality in Japan. Ideal for any kind of lining work, this stuff heals with bold crisp lines. Product code: KSL6


Kuro Sumi Black Tattoo Ink for Outlining

Kuro Sumi is a popular brand of black tattoo ink used for outlining. Many professional artists that try this brand tend to stay with using it. This outlining ink flows effortlessly into the skin and heals beautifully.

Outlining with Black Tattoo Ink

A common ink color for outlining is black tattoo ink. Kuro Sumi Outlining ink is considered one of the best on the market for this purpose. Here are some tips for outlines: Its always best to keep a cup of distilled water with a dab of green soap to help take off excess ink from your needle. A dot of vaseline applied to your working area will keep ink from smearing. Work from the starting point outwards so you don’t run the risk of resting your hands on the transfer and smudging it. Always do your lines in one clean stroke. Always work off the tip of the needle. If you find the skin almost touching the tip of the tube, it is going too far. Avoid wiping often, try a dabbing motion so as to not distort the transfer. When dipping the ink, only put the tip in and power the machine 2 or 3 times briefly to draw ink. Always keep a minimal amount of ink on the tip or else the ink may puddle onto skin.