Union Tattoo Machine

Each Union Tattoo Machine we have are custom handmade by Rupert and Big 5 in Gardena, California. These pieces can be seen in the hands of tattoo artists in the hit show Tattoo Rescue. Freddy Negrete, the famous artist, uses these beautifully crafted instruments.

Seen on Tattoo Rescue

You may think, where have I seen that style of build before, let us clear that up, on Tattoo Rescue. These pieces have been many times in the hands of artists on the show. This hit tv series involves customers that are seeking cover ups for their bad ink. It has been running for several seasons now. It is a great broadcast that shows how crappy ink can be turned into beautiful art pieces.

Freddy Negrete uses Union Tattoo Machines!

Thats correct, Freddy Negrete, the famous tattoo legend himself uses Union Machines! Check out the blog featuring pictures of Big 5 and Rupert chilling with Freddy, holding onto the custom pieces they built for him. Crazy stuff!

Custom Handmade Tattoo Machine

Each Union creation is a custom handmade tattoo machine, there will never be another just like it. We will only be getting a few of them at a time and each time, we will be getting different styles and builds. This is going to be a pain in the butt for our web team but it will be awesome for our customers who want a unique one of a kind machine just for themselves.  Check out Tuxedo Ted and Salvo of Riches to name a few.


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