This old-school coil liner is called Tuxedo Ted, a professionally configured liner that looks like a gentleman but lines like a beast.  Union Tattoo Machines are handmade one-of-a-kind custom tattoo machines.  This piece features a no-nonsense black frame paired with sharp bling-bling chrome coils that make this a sharp-looking machine.  Accented with industrial contact screw and hardware made of copper and nickel. This machine is ready for a classy dinner first or it can go straight into the business of banging out some sexy lines.  Big Rupe and Big5 guarantee their builds for life, these guys have built for renowned and famous artists all over the world.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece, there will be no other ever just like it. Union Machine’s are hand made by Rupert and Big 5 in Gardena, California. Their machines can be seen being used on the hit tv show, Tattoo Rescue. These famous hand crafted pieces are used by such famous artists like Freddy Negrete. We only have ONE of these pieces in this color, design and coil style, when more are built by Rupert and Big 5, they will never be the exact same style or finish. This piece is a one of a kind.