Tattoo Machine Part: Springs, Contact Screw, Armature Bar & More

We carry every tattoo machine part you will need to customize or fix your tattoo machine or gun. We stock a variety of tattoo machine springs, contact screw, armature bar and various screw types that will fit all standard size frames. All of our threading is made to fit American style M-32 screws. Our springs are machine cut for a uniform thickness that allows for optimum tension and accuracy. We have a multitude of contact screws to choose from that include metals like brass, stainless steel, nickel and silver. In addition, we also stock various size 8 wrap and 10 wrap coils, various screw sizes, top binding posts, back binding posts and tube vise clamps. We are the tattoo store that is your one stop shop for machine building.

Tattoo Machine Part

Whether you are looking to replace, fix or customize, we will likely have the tattoo machine part you are looking for. All of our pieces are machined or cast allowing for maximum accuracy and uniformity. Each individual part is finished either in a brush finish, chrome gloss or mirror polish. In addition to the great variety we carry, we also sell them at one of the most competitive prices online.

Tattoo Machine Springs

Tattoo machine springs are responsible for giving your gun the punch it needs to push ink. Without proper tension coming from the spring, there is no way the gun will run properly. We carry gauge stock that ranges from 0.018 to 0.02. In each of our product descriptions we will provide a detailed explanation of the dimensions.

Tattoo Machine Contact Screw

The tattoo machine contact screw adjusts the speed of the machine by completing the circuit from the top binding post to the front spring. We have a large variety of these pieces crafted from brass, stainless steel, nickel and silver. The general threading we carry is #8-32×1″, M4-.7. If you require other sizes you may inquire about special ordering them from our workshop.

Tattoo Machine Armature Bar

The tattoo machine armature bar is the solid metal piece that is attached to the front and back spring to give the assembly weight and magnetic pull. Our bars are made of iron or stainless steel. If they are made from iron, they are oil treated to prevent rust and corrosion. The standard size of our armature bars are 1 ¾” length x 3/8” height x 1/5” depth. We stock a variety of specialty speed armature bar and regular ones.

Tattoo Gun Part

A tattoo gun part is the same as a machine part, as a general rule of thumb in the industry; we do not call a machine a gun. However, due to an ever changing industry, we are inclined to include this tidbit clarifying what they are so there is no confusion for customers that are looking for them.

Shipping Times

As with all of our orders, shipping times are allocated between USA, Canada and International orders. Since parts are quite small, we ship them via the USA via USPS First Class Mail which usually takes 3-5 business days to within the United States, unless the order is bundled with other supplies, in which case the shipping will go with the appropriate shipping option of the size and weight of the order. Within Canada, the shipping times are within 5-8 business days. For international, expect 6-11 business days transit times.


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