Stick and Poke Tattoos, also known as hand poked tattoos are designed typically for “dot-work” and fine intricate pieces with a delicate look.  Form a variety of pigment combinations with exquisite patterns to modify the skin, restore fading tattoos, or for covering up epidermal scars.

The tattooist simply fills the needle with ink and then pokes tiny dots into the skin forming lines that eventually make up the desired design.

Tattoo from anywhere with the freedom of being truly wireless.  Incredibly easy set up means no more tuning contact screws, adjusting armature tensions, and figuring out voltages.  Our Hildbrandt Stick and Poke Tattoos are designed for ease of use.

Our manual tattoo pen has a three buckle design with a fixed point for stability and greater control.  This is a great choice for the beginner tattoo artist, traditional tattoo lovers and veterans alike.  Our violet stick and poke tattoo kits are sturdy, reusable, and ultra-lightweight.

Designed to fit all standard tattoo needles.  Grommets and Cohesive Tattoo Grip Wrap are not included.