We are proud to introduce the 3rd Generation Inkstar Ace Tattoo Kit with carrying case and Radiant Colors Turbo Black professional tattoo ink.  The crowning glory of our new 3rd Generation Inkstar tattoo machines is the huge reduction in operating voltage requirements.  Compared to other tattoo machines in the same price range, 3rd Gen Inkstar’s require about 2-3 volts less to engage and run.   Every part of this package from the type of machines to the type of tubes is the brain child of a team of experienced industry veterans.  In addition to everything that comes with this package, we include the Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD, the Tattoo Crash Course 101 Guide and the professionally produced Holy Flash 6000 tattoo flash design CD to get you started.  This is an excellent learning platform that will give you all the essential items you need to begin a journey of learning and discovery in the tattooing world!  There is a 6 month warranty that covers all hardware for these kits, consumables are not covered.  Check out great tattoos done by artists using Inkstar and Hildbrandt tattoo equipment!

Our 3rd Generation Inkstar tattoo machines feature standardized AWG 24 gauge wire, the coils are wound tight and compact allowing for a maximally efficient magnetic field.  The 3rd Generation Inkstar’s can engage at as low as 5.6 Volts (with proper tuning) and can run optimally at as low as 6.3 Volts.  Comparatively, machines of a similar price class tend to engage at 7 to 8 volts and won’t run optimally until 8 to even 11 volts.

The springs and coils for all of the 3rd generation Inksar’s are custom designed specifically for their liner or shader designation.  The liners use a short and thin front spring and a set of 8 wrap tightly wound compact coils with 47uf 50V capacitor that allows for speed and accuracy.  The shaders utilize a long and wide front spring and 10 wrap tightly wound compact coils with 47uf 50V capacitor that allows for a softer and slower machine suited for shading and coloring.  The coil cores are made of solid blackened iron and each coil assembly are wrapped in a textured design heat insulating rubber sheath.

Our goal to reduce the operating voltage combined with quality parts and engineering design have produced an excellent budget friendly machine that can perform near to high performance machines.  Okay, so it won’t outperform a $400 Aaron Cain, however, when performing against other machines in the same price class, our 3rd Generation Inkstar’s will blow them out of the water.

WARNING: This kit contains items that can be used to tattoo human skin.  This setup is designed for people to learn how to tattoo by practising on mediums like practice skin, pigs skin and thick skinned fruits.  Human skin is NOT a practising medium and tattoos are PERMANENT, so if you do not have any experience or qualifications to do skin work, DO NOT use the items in this kit to perform a tattoo.  If you are serious about becoming a professional tattoo artist, a proper apprenticeship with a professional tattoo studio is the time honoured way of becoming one.  This kit will not make you a professional tattoo artist overnight but it will give you the tools you need to learn and practice to become one.

Tattoo Kit Components Checklist

1. Yankee, 8 wrap LINER
2. Stinger Adjustable Rotary LINER/SHADER
3. Halo, 8 wrap LINER/PACKER
4. Recoil Adjustable Rotary LINER/SHADER
5. Stinger Adjustable Rotary LINER/SHADER
6. Lancer dual machine power supply
7. Clip cord x 2
8. Foot pedal
9. Ink cups pack
10. Gunmetal ink cup holder
11. Ink Cups
12. O rings pack
13. Grommets pack
14. Rubber bands pack
15. Hildbrandt Premium Needles: 3RL x 5, 5RL x 5, 7RL x  5, 3RS x 5, 5RS x 5, 7RS x 5, 7M1 x 5, 7M2 x 5, 5RM x 5, 7RM x 5
16. Aluminum grip with tube stem x 2
17. Stainless steel tips set (7 pcs set)
18. Pre-sterilized disposable tubes/tips (12 pcs set)
19. Transfer paper x 3
20. Tips cleaning brush set
21. Machine adjustment Spanner
22. Practice skin
23. Ink bottle/squeeze bottle
24. Tattoo Pen
25. Disposable razor x 3
26. Convention carrying case
27. Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD
28. Tattoo Crash Course 101
29. Holy Flash 6000 Design CD
30. Hildbrandt VIP Membership 7% Discount Card
31. 1/2oz Radiant Colors Turbo Black professional tattoo ink
32. Convention Carrying Case

Product Code: TKI5CRC7