The Hildbrandt Trainer Tattoo Kit, a training system that combines the Tattoo Supply & Equipment Crash Course 101, visual tutorial of the Hildbrandt Training DVD and the hardware necessary to learn the trade.  This kit was put together for the purpose of continued use after your apprenticeship.

This setup comes with 2 traditionally built Hildbrandt coil machines.  Our Hildbrandt machines have been a part of the tattoo industry for almost 2 decades.  We are proud that our machines have humbly graced the hands of so many amazing and talented tattoo artists over the years, The .22 Rimfire liner features 10 wrap compact coils with shorty liner springs on a compact semi-cutback frame.  This machine is designed to bang in the lines or to pack in color.  The .444 Marlin shader comes features 8 wrap coils with wide shader springs with a wide-angled frame.  This machine is designed to gently put in color or shading efficiently and comfortably.  The Hildbrandt Spartan Power Supply is reliable, rugged, and features a 10 turn dial.  All consumables that come with this kit are sterilized with indicator strip and blister packed.  They comply with many state regulations in regards to sterilization/indicator strip requirements.  This kit has a combined retail value of over $180.

There are a vast amount of talented artists out there that use Hildbrandts. Click here to see some of our featured artists work in our Hildbrandt Artists section. Our machines are versatile and easy to modify and grow with you as you progress.

WARNING: This kit contains items that can be used to tattoo human skin.  This setup is designed for people to learn how to tattoo by practising on mediums like practice skin, pigs skin and thick skinned fruits.  Human skin is NOT a practicing medium and tattoos are PERMANENT, so if you do not have any experience or qualifications to do skin work, DO NOT use the items in this kit to perform a tattoo.  If you are serious about becoming a professional tattoo artist, a proper apprenticeship with a professional tattoo studio is the time honoured way of becoming one.  This kit will not make you a professional tattoo artist overnight but it will give you the tools you need to learn and practice to become one.

• Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD
• Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Crash Course 101
• Holy Flash 6000 tattoo flash archive CD
• Hildbrandt .22 Rimfire liner tattoo machine
• Hildbrandt .444 Marlin shader tattoo machine
• Hildbrandt Spartan Power Supply
• RCA conversion kit
• Radiant Colors ½ oz Turbo Black
• Pre-sterilized disposable tube grips x 15
• Stainless steel tubes x 7
• Iron foot pedal
• Transfer paper x 3
• Practice skin x 1
• Hildbrandt premium tattoo needles x 50
• Clip cord
• O rings pack
• Grommets pack
• Machine adjustment spanner
• Aluminum grip with tube x 2
• Tattoo tubes cleaning brush set
• Stainless steel autoclave able ink cup holder
• Assorted ink cups pack
• Rubber bands pack
• Skin Scribe Pen
• Squeeze bottle / Ink bottle

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Component Descriptions:

Hildbrandt Training DVD

  1. Chapter One: Getting to Know the Equipment
  2. Chapter Two: Tuning the Tattoo Machine
  3. Chapter Three: Needle Groupings
  4. Chapter Four: Proper Power Supply Output
  5. Chapter Five: Using Flash and Free Hand
  6. Chapter Six: How to do a Tattoo
  7. Chapter Seven: Proper Cleanup and Hygiene

Holy Flash! tattoo flash CD is a HUGE compilation of 6000 tattoo flash archive.  Each picture is high res and printable.  Just pop the CD in, pick a tattoo flash and click print, its that simple!

Hildbrandt .22 Rimfire Liner

The Hildbrandt .22 Rimfire tattoo machine is a workhorse liner. Morgan “Sticks” Kane used a .22 Rimfire for his lining work on the piece that won him the 2007 Hart Contest. This is factory setup as a liner with short springs, coils and 10 wrap coils. Shares its design with the faster .30 Carbine. Weighs in at a respectably light 230 grams / 8 ounces.  Measures 3.5″ top to bottom, side to side. 10 wrap coils, 32.5mm height, 22uf capacitor, 50WV.  Product code is 1SW.

Hildbrandt .444 Marlin Shader

The .444 Marlin is one of the more popular machines from Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply.  It comes standard with our 2008 and later kits.  It was featured in a Czechoslovakian tattoo magazine in February of 2008.  Factory setup The twin frame of the .444 Marlin is the .38 Calibre. Factory setup as a 10 wrap slower shader, better suited for accuracy. 10 wrap coils, 33mm height, 22uf capacitor, 50WV.  Weight is 230 grams/8 ounces.

Hildbrandt Spartan Power Supply with an output of 1.5V-18V, 2 AMP.  This rugged and reliable power supply design has been a mainstay of Hildbrandt since 2006.  It features a 10 turn dial adjustment knob that allows for incrementally precise voltage adjustments.

Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Crash Course 101 is a comprehensive instruction guide to all of the equipment and components that come with this kit.  The guide explains how to set up the equipment, gives you tips on techniques and gives advice on what supplies you may need later on.

RCA Conversion Kit, mounts on tattoo machine and converts the machine to be able to use an RCA cord

Radiant Colors 1/2 oz Turbo Black, professional ink

Pre-sterilized Blister packed Tube Grips & Tubes. 15 in total, 2-3 for every needle type in the kit.  Each one is sterilized with indicator strip, these strips satisfy the sterilization requirements of certain state health codes (the ones that have them that is).  Save these for skin work as they are pre-sterilized.

7 stainless steel tubes, 1 for each needle type. Practice with these. To sterilize, you will need an autoclave. Picture is not accurate on tips you will receive.

Blackened Iron Premium Foot Pedal

Premium transfer paper, total of 3 sheets

1 sheet of versatile and reusable practice skin

Hildbrandt Premium Pre-Sterilized Needles: 3RL X 5, 5RL X 5, 7RL X 5, 9RL X 5, 3RS X 5, 5RS X 5, 7RS X 5, 9RS X 5, 5F X 5, and 7M1 X 5. Total of 50 needles.

5 pairs of premium black latex gloves

1 clip cord

Pack of Rubber O rings

Pack of Grommets joins needles to armature bar

Tattoo Machine Adjustment Spanner, to adjust tattoo machine screws

2 Aluminum Grips and tube stems

1 stainless steel, autoclave able ink cup holder

Tattoo Tubes cleaning brushes

Assorted ink cups Pack

Rubber bands pack

Squeeze bottle (may not be exactly as shown)

Skin Scribe Tattoo Pen