NON-Sterilized Lovepain Needles for practice.  These are not your typical budget needles, these are perfectly crafted professional tattoo needles.  These needles are produced similar to how fine jewellery is made.  Each needle is soldered, finished, polished and magnifying glass inspected.  The ones that pass continue onto tumbler polishing.  This process tumbles the needles in a large container with metal polishing beads in a solution.

Pre-made NON Sterilized needle configurations soldered on a bar.

Non-sterilized for practice only
Packages of 50pcs / box or 150pcs / 3 boxes or 300pcs/ 6 boxes
Stainless Steel
Needle Specifications

Round Liners – #10, .30 mm needles, 4.2 mm taper
Round Shaders – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper
Flats – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper
Stacked Magnums – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper
Weaved Magnums – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper