Kwadron Cartridges are world renown for crafting one of the most advanced cartridges in the tattoo industry.  Designed and produced in Europe with stringent adherence to safety and quality.  Kwadron features a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability, optimal performance and a membrane enclosed system to protect against ink back flow.  Each casing is made from medical grade plastic that is specially designed to reduce friction between the needle and the tip which ensures the needle remains sharper for longer.  Each surgical stainless steel needle configuration is consistently produced using razor sharp, flexible needles, grouped together with the highest precision.

Tattoo artists love Kwadron because of the wide range of configurations from round liners, turbo/empty liners, textured liners, round shaders, standard magnums and various soft edge magnums.  Each of these configurations are available in gauge sizes of #5=0.18mm, #6=0.20mm, #8=o.25mm, #10=0.30mm and #12=0.35mm.   All of these variations are further available in short, medium and long taper needle lengths.

The manufacturing of these needles are meticulous and obvious upon loupe inspection.  The sharpness is second to none and the durability of the steel is amazing.  The razor sharpness of the points allow for less trauma to the skin because ink and pigment can be embedded with precision passes.  Try one of these today and see the difference in your work and healing.

Needle stabilizing system
Precise needle configurations
Full membrane
Medical grade plastic
Exceptional ink flow
Surgical stainless steel
E.O. Gas Sterilized
20 Cartridges Per Box