Kwadron PMU Optima Cartridges are meticulously crafted by pmu industry leading experts combined with Kwadron’s years of experience in creating amazing needles.  These cartridges are designed specifically for permanent makeup, these cartridges redefine precision and reliability in cosmetic artistry.

At the heart of these cartridges lies a revolutionary stabilizing system that ensures the ultra-sharp needles retain their edge over countless sessions, guaranteeing durability and strength. Crafted from premium medical-grade plastic, the housing minimizes friction, fostering a superior work culture while maintaining impeccable hygiene standards.

The integrated needle system boasts a precision tip configuration, elevating safety and hygiene to unparalleled heights. Each cartridge is individually packaged in sterile, disposable casing, ensuring a pristine work environment for every procedure.

Compatible with all tattoo and PMU machines that utilize standard size cartridges.  These cartridges offer versatility and seamless integration with your existing setup. Whether you’re creating delicate hair strokes, defining eyeliner, or enhancing eyelashes, feather strokes, Kwadron Optima PMU Cartridges has got you covered.

Key Features:

Needle Stabilizing System for enduring sharpness
Precise Needle Configurations for intricate designs
Fine to super fine diameter needles for fine detailing
Membrane Style System for consistent ink flow
Exceptional Ink Flow for seamless application
Surgical Stainless Steel Needles for superior performance
E.O. Gas Sterilized for uncompromising safety
These cartridges excel in various techniques, including the hair method, hybrid method, alignment, and shading. The inclined needles are strategically grouped to facilitate fine lines or shading, empowering artists with unmatched creative possibilities.

20 Cartridges Per Box

Elevate your permanent makeup game with Kwadron PMU Optima Cartridges, where precision meets perfection in every stroke.