Hildbrandt Standard On Bar Tattoo Needles have been used in the tattoo industry for more than 2 decades.  Known for their reliability, consistency and outstanding quality.

Each configuration features a long taper in accordance to their grouping.  The careful soldering and polishing of needles allows a point with excellent strength and grouped with the highest precision.  Pre-made sterile needle configurations soldered on a bar, individually sealed in sterile blister pack.

  • Sterilized with expiration date and blue dot
  • Pre-soldered on bar
  • Box of 50
  • High Quality Stainless Steel

Specific Specifications of Available Groupings:

  • Round Liners – #10, 0.30mm diameter, 4.2mm taper
  • Round Liners – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 4.2mm taper
  • Round Shaders – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper
  • Flats – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper
  • Stacked Magnums – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper
  • Weaved Magnums – #12, 0.35mm diameter, 3.2mm taper