The first power unit from Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment that, once switched on, works entirely with gesture control. That means you handle it without contact, which is not only practical while tattooing, but also eliminates cross-contamination. The now released PU III is the strictly limited result of a design study, which soon 1111 tattoo artists may call their own.

They are fascinating and highly desired by car connoisseurs: concept cars that have been realized as design studies. Many dream of driving or even owning one. What usually remains a dream for car drivers, we now make possible for 1111 tattoo artists: With the Power Unit III, we developed a control unit concept that, once switched on, can be operated completely without contact. This eliminates cross-contamination and raises tattooing to a new level of hygiene.
Do you want to be one of the exclusive owners of this limited power unit? Then grab it quickly.

This is what the PU III can do:
Operation by gesture control for contact-free work
Output voltage from 4.7 -12.5 V, displayed as bargraph
Versatile installation options thanks to powerful magnets and integrated clip-on stand
Position sensors ensure correct orientation of the display in any set-up situation
2 USB outputs for charging additional devices
Limited to 1111 pieces worldwide
Made in Germany

Key Facts:
Input Voltage: 15 V DC
Output Voltage: 5 – 12,5 V DC
Operating Mode: Continuous operation
Ambient Temperature: -40 bis +40 °C
Relative Humidity: 30 bis 75 %
Dimensions ( W X H X D) 100 x 118 x 37 mm
Weight: Approx. 350 g