Steel Tattoo Grips for Tattoo Machine Grip

We sell tattoo grips that are used as a tattoo machine grip. The grips we carry are stainless steel and can be used with autoclave.

We carry a selection of tattoo grips that are autoclave-able high grade stainless steel. Our tattoo machine grip selection consists of stylish models. We are always updating our variations so check our site often for additional models added. Our assemblies are made with high grade stainless steel. They either come in chrome plated or in brush finish. The ones with protruding studs prevent slipping of your tattoo machine.

How to Assemble a Tattoo Grip

The basic tattoo grip is a very simple and straight forward tool. The parts will consist of the grip, tube stem and 1 or 2 fastening screws. Some models will be one side only, meaning that you must insert the tube stem in one way. The way you find which side to put it in is by looking for the stopping groove inside, it will look like a little divot section that gets smaller as you peer through. The side that the divot is closest to is the insertion side. Insert the tube stem and tighten the fastening screw so that it is tight but not too tight. You may need to loosen it again to adjust the needle depth. Select your tube tip and insert in from other-side opposite the tube stem. Tighten the fastening screw for the tube tip. When you put the tube grip onto tattoo machine, make sure you take into account how deep your needle should be and adjust accordingly by adjusting the tube stem.

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