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Popular tattoo kits for sale by Hildbrandt and Valsturd. Setups include Hildbrandt Professional Tattoo Kit, Valsturd Starter Tattoo Kit and more!

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Custom Tattoo Machine by Rosco Lesnar of Relentless Irons

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These custom tattoo machine builds are a creation of Rosco Lesnar of Relentless Irons based in the United Kingdom. Rosco started out building since he was 19 and has over 7 years of experience. His creations are truly hand made, from the wire cut frames which are hand finished to the bindings, screws etc… which are all hand tapped, cut or soldered. He comes from a family of very tattooed individuals of bikers and tough guys whom has definitely contributed to his career choice of becoming a tattoo machine builder.

Custom Tattoo Machine Specifications

Throughout our conversations while were considering ordering from Rosco, we discussed about his custom tattoo machine specifications. We were interested because David and Mark too are builders and they took it as an opportunity to compare notes. Rosco genereally uses 8 wrap coils for liners and shaders. His color packers require a bit more punch so he would use 10 wrap coils for those. He uses a 22uf capacitor for liner, 33uf for shader and 47uf for color packer. For springs he uses a 20g front and rear for liner, if more stiffness is required he would switch to a 18g front. For shaders, he would use 18g front and back. For color packer he would use 18g rear and 16g front.

Testimonials and Reviews

The following are some testimonials and reviews of Rosco’s machines over the years that we got from his website: “I bought a Mickey style Micro Dial off of Rosco, and have absolutely no regrets. The machine works better than a Mickey, and is far better quality by far. The craftsmanship is second to none. If I had a choice, I would proudly be the United States ambassador of his product.” Pudge "MERX" Amazon Tattoo Union 10 yrs Experience Chicago “Jay Scott / Twisted Images Ink (Tattooist since 1997) I purchased a rustic bulldog shader or should I say color packer, from Relentless Irons. Not only is the machine beautiful but it runs like a beast. It is a nice color packer at the speed of 7 volts but turn it down a bit and it can shade like hell. Great job Rosco Lesnar! Also thanks for the timely shipping and awesome customer service. I have been tattooing 16 years at Markz Tattoos. Relentless Irons has supplied me with a top machine that is getting some good use. relentless irons is a top company that provide good communication and ensure that you are happy with your purchase. Highly recommended.”

Selection of Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips used for Tattoo Machine Grip

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We carry a selection of tattoo grips that are autoclave-able high grade stainless steel. Our tattoo machine grip selection consists of 5 stylish models. We are always updating our variations so check our site often for additional models added. Our assemblies are made with high grade stainless steel. They either come in chrome plated or in brush finish. The ones with protruding studs prevent slipping of your tattoo machine.

How to Assemble a Tattoo Grip

The basic tattoo grip is a very simple and straight forward tool. The parts will consist of the grip, tube stem and 1 or 2 fastening screws. Some models will be one side only, meaning that you must insert the tube stem in one way. The way you find which side to put it in is by looking for the stopping groove inside, it will look like a little divot section that gets smaller as you peer through. The side that the divot is closest to is the insertion side. Insert the tube stem and tighten the fastening screw so that it is tight but not too tight. You may need to loosen it again to adjust the needle depth. Select your tube tip and insert in from other side opposite the tube stem. Tighten the fastening screw for the tube tip. When you put the tube grip onto tattoo machine, make sure you take into account how deep your needle should be and adjust accordingly by adjusting the tube stem.

TTS Iron Tattoo Machines and Custom, Checkout our New Models!

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TTS iron tattoo machines and other custom pieces are produced in the USA. Each individual piece is handcrafted precision equipment that would make an excellent addition to any collection. Each boxed unit is sealed in factory new tattoo machine condition. If you are looking for a good tattoo machine, look no further than a TTS from Technical, American owned and operated for decades.

Looking for a Good Tattoo Machine?

If you are looking for a good tattoo machine, look no further, TTS will deliver. For over 2 decades, this company has been a major player on the East Coast of the USA as a manufacturer of equipment and supplies. The owner of Technical has personally met and is friends with many of the hall of fame greats of the industry. The experience of years of being in the business of manufacturing equipment has made their production process is second to none. Professional artists have trusted this brand for decades.

New Tattoo Machine Boxed

We are an official distributor of Technical’s products and all of these pieces are guaranteed to be a new tattoo machine boxed in its original packaging from Technical. We offer our extended 6 month warranty that covers all Hildbrandt, Valsturd and Inkstar products to cover these pieces as well so rest assured, your purchase is covered! If you require any assistance with your purchase, give our support line a call at 1-888-944-8841. If we are unable to fix it remotely, we’ll warranty the product in our workshop.

Iron Tattoo Machines or Custom

TTS produces machines that are iron tattoo machines, custom or laser cut. The majority of which is the old school method of cast iron. This tends to make their machines on average, heavier than many of the new production process machines on the market today. However, many artists, particularly the old school, like a bit of weight as in the past, it was a sure sign of quality.

Cheap Starter Tattoo Kits, great value, low price!

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We offer a selection of very well priced starter tattoo kits that are an amazing value! Don’t let the term fool you, these cheap starter tattoo kits are nothing but great value! We offer the same basic important components like machines, power supply and education material. The only difference is the quantity of the needles, tubes and grips included. This allows for mix and match with our other products where you can fine tune the kit to your own preference. Although generally designed to be starter tattoo kits, many artists buy these products to top up their own gear or as a economical alternative to replacing equipment purchased singly.

Hildbrandt Mini Starter Tattoo Kits

Hildbrandt offers two versions of its mini starter tattoo kits, one with standard Hildbrandt machines and one with Rotary machines. So if you wanted to start out with excellent quality equipment that is more than capable of doing professional work as attested by many professional artists all over the world, going with a Hildbrandt mini may be for you. In terms of practising, the consumables included will fare quite well as long as you are re-using the disposables. You can do this if you are practising but you absolutely cannot if you are using the disposables for skin work. The only thing that will require additional purchases for are the tattoo ink, which these kits come with but not do not have much of.

Inkstar Mini Starter Tattoo Kits

Inkstar again offers a great value with excellent entry level equipment in its various mini starter tattoo kits setups. The Inkstar Starter Tattoo Kit is an excellent starting point that provides a decent amount of tubes, grips, inks and needles to practice with. The Inkstar Journeyman Tattoo Kit is an incredibly good value in terms of equipment to dollar ratio. With two standard machines, power supply, education material and decent amount of consumables for the bargain cheap price of $29.99, this kit is a steal!

Tattoo Refill Kit

Our tattoo refill kit is a great buy for the amount of tubes, needles, grips, ink, gloves and tubes that come with it. If you purchased all of these products separately you would be paying at least triple the price. The refill kit contains all of the common needles and matching tubes that are used in regular sessions. The tattoo gloves that come with the refill kit are professional grade latex gloves. Nothing gonna slip when you have Forcefield!

Tattoo Furniture and Tattoo Display

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Over the course of this year we will be offering more varieties of tattoo furniture and tattoo display products. All tattoo shops need tattoo furniture and we at Hildbrandt will be stocking a much larger selection. Our inventory will include tattoo chairs, several types of armrest and a couple varieties of stools. Generally most furniture are made with synthetic leather or for the high end, genuine leather. To keep sales prices low, we are mainly stocking the synthetic leather. It is important to keep furniture well cleaned and sterilized for your clients, that is why we suggest regular sterilization of all furnishings in the shop.

Tattoo Display

We currently only have a limited selection of tattoo display products. Our machine stand is a neat little holder where you can either display your favorite machine or rest it during a session. The great thing about the stand is that while the gun sits there, it has little risk of touching anything else that may cause cross contamination. Check back often in this section as we will be updating and increasing our product selection within the next couple of months.

Tattoo Art Supplies for All Tattoo Artwork

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We offer many different tattoo art supplies that help to design, transfer and maintain tattoo artwork. All of our supplies are sourced from top quality manufacturers and brands. We offer products such as tattoo practice skin, green soap, Spray Stuff, Stencil Stuff, transfer paper and more. These products are used to either help you design or to help you transfer those designs to skin.

Tattoo Art Supplies for Design

Tattoo art supplies for design include transfer paper, pencils and tattoo flash. If you are doing custom work, then you would likely be sketching on transfer paper. The paper allows you to transfer the drawing you designed onto skin. Transfer paper can also be used to trace flash designs. A light box may help in this endeavor. Stencil Stuff is used to help transfer the design from transfer paper to skin. Practice skin is used for practicing and designing. For those clients that are very finicky, doing up a whole piece on practice skin will give them a much better idea of how the tattoo will look when it is done.

Tattoo Art Supplies for Transferring: Stencil Stuff or Green Soap

Tattoo art supplies that are used to help transfer designs to skin that we sell include Stencil Stuff and Green Soap. Green Soap is a nontoxic disinfectant that is also very useful to help transfer artwork from paper to skin. Stencil Stuff is a revolutionary product that is formulated to work even better than Green Soap at this task.

Spray Stuff

Spray Stuff is used by artists to keep a stencil on skin. The most annoying thing that can happen during a tattoo is when the stencil gets smudged. Sometimes it can be so bad you may have to redo the whole thing. With Spray Stuff, the stencil stays on the skin.

Tattoo Kit Carrying Case for Transporting Tattoo Equipment

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We carry a selection of tattoo kit carrying cases to hold tattoo gear and tattoo equipment. A good carrying case will have ample slots to hold your needles, machines, ink, power supply and various other necessities. The cases we sell are not the same as the carrying case that comes with our tattoo kits. The closest case that is similar is the basic kit carrying case.

Tattoo Kit Carrying Case

The basic tattoo kit carrying case we have for sale used to come with our old generation tattoo kits. To cut down on the final sale price on our kits, we regretfully ended up opting for the current smaller size one. This particular case is a lot more versatile in that it has adjustable slots, comes with machine, tubes and grips tray and features an upper tray that can be detached to reveal yet another compartment for transfer paper and sketchbooks. This unit also comes with a detachable shoulder strap which is great for travel use. The material is aluminum and plastic.

Sullen Blaq Paq Tattoo Travel Bag

The Sullen Blaq Paq is an excellent travel bag that has more slots than a Las Vegas Casino. This travel bag features built in machine compartments, laptop sleeve, paintbrush pockets, music/phone compartment, headphone slit, fully enclosed units, sketchbook pouch, power supply strap and 2 custom modular cases for all supplies. The stylish design is offset on a black background.

Tattoo Ink Bottles, Squeeze Bottles and Containers


We carry a variety of tattoo ink bottles, squeeze bottles and containers for your convenience. Our tattoo ink bottles vary in size from 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz. These range from the tried and true Yorker spout to the convenient twist caps. For our squeeze bottles, we have 2 sizes, 8 oz and 16 oz. We also carry a variety of spray bottles that are great for cleaning solutions and other mixtures.

Tattoo Ink Bottles

Our tattoo ink bottles come in a variety of sizes. Our sizes include 1 ounce, 2 ounce and 4 ounce containers. They come with either a Yorker spout or a twist cap. These products are great for unused ink that you wish to keep for longer. In addition, they are also ideal for mixing inks that you do not want to put back with the original ink. Always keep the cap tightly fastened to prevent contamination. Most tattoo ink is composed of alcohol or some other kind of disinfectant and thus will allow it to keep for a reasonably long duration.

Tattoo Squeeze Bottles for Green Soap and other Tinctures

We have several tattoo squeeze bottles that is ideal for use with green soap solutions and other cleaning tinctures. These containers are made with a durable resin plastic material. Since cleaning solutions are inherently anti-bacterial, there is little risk of contamination even for long periods of storage.

Tattoo Spray Bottles

We stock two varieties of tattoo spray bottles, these are our metal/aluminium style and our plastic ones. They all come with a industrial strength sprayer that adjusts to allow for fine mist or jet stream. These containers are great for green soap and cleaning solutions. They can be used to cover large surface areas to be wiped down which make these products essential to keeping a clean workstation.