Black Outlining, Shading & Tribal Tattoo Ink

Black tattoo ink for shading, greywash, outlining, mixing and tribal. We carry many different brands like Kuro Sumi, Talens, Starbrite and more.

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Holy Crap that is a LOT of Black Tattoo Ink!

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Yes, holy crap, we do carry a lot of black tattoo ink. We carry the following well known brands: Kuro Sumi, Starbrite, Dynamic, Talens, Radiant, MOMs tattoo ink, Harjuku Sumi, MOMs BLACKOUT, MOMs Black Pearl Outlining and Shading and all the available grey washes from Kuro. So if you are looking for black, you have come to the right place.

Grey Wash Tattoo Ink

All of our grey wash tattoo ink is designed to be mixed into varying shades of grey and black. We recommend properly sterilized shading solution rather than using alternatives like alcohol, witch hazel or distilled water. As a matter of fact, of those three alternatives, we strongly discourage anyone to use distilled water to thin their washes as distilled water is NOT considered sterile and can still harbor dangerous bacteria or other contaminants.

Outlining Tattoo Ink

Outlining tattoo ink is basically a specially designed black ink made specifically for outlining a tattoo. This type of tone does not have to be super dark but it does need to be able to line easily. For filling large blotches of black, we recommend going with a tribal ink which is designed for covering large areas in pitch black.

Shipping and Packaging

We understand that it is important that your orders reach you in a timely manner and in good condition. This is why our packaging team takes the utmost care to ensure all bottles are packaged in sealed packaging that will prevent it from being damaged. For typical shipping times and shipping related questions, check out our shipping and FAQ section on our website.