Tattoo Ink Cups and Tattoo Ink Cup Holders

We carry various sized tattoo ink cups and tattoo ink cup holders that will fit any session. These products hold your tattoo ink.

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We stock a selection of various sized tattoo ink cups and ink cup holders.

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Tattoo ink cups are used to hold your tattoo ink. There are many different sizes and names for them. We use the metric system for our naming conventions. Basically this means that our Number 9 Cup is 9mm in diameter. We carry a total of 3 sizes, Number 9, Number 12 and Number 15. Most holders will fit these as they are standard sizes in the industry.

Tattoo Ink Cup Holders

Tattoo ink cup holders do exactly as their name suggests, hold the cups that hold the ink. Holders come in many various sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Unless you are doing a huge piece, a simple, basic 8 slot should suffice for most sessions. Check back often as we are in the process of increasing our selection of models available. The best holders are the stainless steel ones which can be autoclaved, providing an additional line of defense against cross contamination.