Standard size #12 tattoo ink cups to hold ink.  Can be ordered in a small 50 pack or a 1000 pack.  Product code: 12INKC


<h2>Variety of Ink Cups</h2>

We stock a variety of tattoo ink cups in different sizes.  Our ink cup selection will fit in standard size holders.  Be sure to check the diameter of the holes in your holder before you order to make sure you are getting the correct diameter cap.  Some holders will be able to fit 2 different sizes in the same hole.  For example, our basic metal holder can fit both #12 and #15 in the mid-sized holes.  This interchangeability is due to the holes being just wide enough for the prior small sized cup and being wide enough for the one size up.

<h2>Proper usage of a Tattoo Ink Cup</h2>

Proper hygiene is important for tattooing and rules apply for the proper usage of a tattoo ink cup.  Never try to wash clean or re-use them, this product is meant for one time use.  The only exception is if you are using the same ones for practice and you do not intend to use the ink on human skin.  If for this purpose it is best to wash with a solution of 1 part green soap and 10 parts water.  Green soap is a natural biodegradable cleaning agent that is widely used in the industry.

<h2>Standard Sizes of the Ink Cup</h2>

The ink cup used in the tattoo industry comes in several standard sizes.  The number denotes the diameter in millimeters.  Therefore a #12 ink cup will have a 12 millimeter diameter, a #18 will have an 18 millimeter diameter and so forth.  Some suppliers may have different methods of measurements.