Industry standard ink cups in 15mm size for tattoo ink.  Size #15 comes in packs of 50 or 1000 ink cups. Product code: 15INKC


<h2>Variety of Tattoo Ink Caps</h2>

Our inventory of tattoo ink caps consists of 4 different sizes.  Our ink caps will fit in any standard size tray or holders.  Double check the diameter of the cutouts in your tray beforehand to prevent getting the wrong sizes.  There are some trays that are designed to fit 2 different diameters into the same cutout.  Our basic black metal tray can fit both #12 and #15 in the middle sized cutouts.  The interchangeability is due to the cutouts being wide enough for the smaller sized cup and being wide enough for the larger size up.

<h2>Tattoo Ink Cap Proper Use</h2>

Workstation preparation, sterilization and hygiene is important for tattooing and the same applies for the proper use of a tattoo ink cap.  Do not attempt to clean and re-use caps, they are designed to be used once only.  An exception can be made if you are using them for practicing.  If they are being used for practicing, the best solution to use to clean out old ink is a solution made with 1 part green soap and 10 parts water.  We recommend using green soap as it is a natural and environmentally friendly cleaning compound that should get out any kind of ink stuck in the cap.  A tattoo tubes brush will be able to get out any dried ink that adheres to the walls of the cap.

<h2>Standard Sizes of the Ink Cap</h2>

Our various ink cap sizes are considered standard sizes in the tattoo industry.  The numbered cap dictates the size of the diameter in mm.  So a number twelve ink cap will have a 12mm diameter.  A number nine will have a 9mm diameter and so on.  There are other suppliers that use simplified systems like Large, Medium and Small.  Generally the small will be number 9.  The medium is either a 12 or 15.  The large is usually the 18.