World Famous Tattoo Ink

Propietary Formula

These amazing inks are made with a proprietary formula, a secret sauce if you will.  Developed by and shaped by the experience of professional artists with decades of expertise in making high quality ink.  These colors, washes and shading solutions were made for the professional to do their best work so that their patrons can sit in awe of the majestic glowing bright tattoo that is stairing them in mirror after a satisfying session.

World Famous Legit

World Famous Tattoo Ink has an amazing pro team of amazingly talented artists from all over the world.  This brand is represented by professionals in The United States, Canada, all over Europe, Asia, South America and all the way to freakin Russia.  Notable artists include Moises Kampos, Amy Edwards, Nastasya Naboka, Logan Aguilar, Insamnia, Adam Perjatel and this is just the very tip of the iceberg of talent that uses World Famous Ink.

Vegan Friendly

All World Famous Tattoo Inks are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.  A cruelty-free product that is as innocent as a baby lamb but as bold as a lion, in the way they heal that is.

Highest Quality with Advanced Sterilization

All bottles are sterilized with gamma radiation and bottled in crystal-flex bottles. Each bottle has a secure twist cap and a tamper-resistant, waterproof label.  Safe for sale in all corners of the globe and meets stringent requirements for tattooing ink in the EU.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used in World Famous.


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