Starbrite Tattoo Ink

With the 2 different Starbrite brands available in the tattoo industry, people are left with 2 brand choices of where to get their genuine authentic Starbrite Ink.  Our Starbrite is made by the original creators, Papillon.  With a long tradition of safety, experience, expertise and a multitude of tattoo ink reviews.

Wondering where to get tattoo ink brand Starbrite? We carry the full line. Guaranteed to be authentic and sourced directly from the manufacturer. Starbrite has been a part of the industry for decades and has built a reputation that is second to none. Professional artists choose this brand when they want vibrant colors that go in, stay in and can stand the test of time.

What is tattoo ink made of

A lot of people ask what is tattoo ink made of. Basically, they are composed of 3 main ingredients. The first and arguably most important is pigment. Pigments are substances that give color. For example, soot from burnt wood will make carbon black. Some of the earliest forms of the art were done using carbon black and many black inks today are still made of some variation on this. Alcohol or some other kind of disinfecting agent like witch hazel is used as a disinfectant and carrier. The third main ingredient is a dispersal agent which is used to help the pigment disperse in a solution. A common dispersal agent is glycerin.

Black Gold

Black Gold, THE WORLD’S DARKEST TATTOO INK. Three times darker than ANY black inks on the market, Black Gold sets a new precedent for the world of black inks. Black Gold can be used for outlining, shading, and greywash. A Triple XXX black to redefine industry standards for dark inks.

Tattoo Ink Reviews

Tattoo ink reviews are important to maintain safety in the industry. If you look online, you will find many different brands available and it is a hard choice to decide between them. We recommend learning about brands like Starbrite, MOMs, Fusion, Intenze, etc.. by reading reviews and forums. The Starbrite brand is well reviewed and has a long history of safety in the industry.

How much is tattoo ink

How much is tattoo ink? It varies from brand to brand. Generally speaking for a 1 oz bottle you can expect a range of as low as $4 to as high as $10. The more famous brands will command a premium. We recommend going with established companies as they have a reputation to protect and will keep their quality up to standard.


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