Tattoo Machines by International Tattoo Machine Supplier Hildbrandt

Hildbrandt Tattoo Supplies has the best selection of amazing builds.  Some of the brands we carry include:
FK Irons
Inkstar Machines
Iron Inx Customs
Jack Steel
Javelin Tattoo Pen
Micky Bee
Stigma Rotary
Union Machines

Tattoo Machines & Machine Parts

We carry a range from old school coil machines to high powered rotary and to the more contemporary tattoo pen.  Choosing proper gear to suit your needs is crucial to how efficient your output is.  Generally, we recommend starting with entry level gear and then moving on to professional.  There are two main reasons for this, one reason is because entry level gear is cheaper and if you find out along the way, tattooing is not for you, you are not that invested.  The other reason for starting with entry level gear is they are easier to learn with and more forgiving of calibration errors.  When we overstock our inventory, we have tattoo machines for sale, so check back with our site often!

Rotary Tattoo Machines

The rotary tattoo machine has gained a lot of popularity because of their ease to tune and ease to use.  We stock heavy robust units like the Stigma line, Golden Tattoo Machine rotaries and awesome performance machines like the Hildbrandt Witcher and Weaver.  Tattoo rotary machines have come a long way into the industry and the work they slam out is consistent, looks great and comparable to work by old school coil machines.   We always hear from old customers in the USA and the international community that want to try out our rotaries and we have had tremendously good feedback with them.

Tattoo Pens

Tattoo Pens have fast become one of the most popular types of machine used by tattoo artists.  These pen style pieces almost always use standard tattoo needle cartridges which allow it to switch in and switch out different groupings efficiently and quickly.  The cartridges are fused with a membrane so you do not have to worry about the flow back of blood and debris.  A pen is governed by the motor strength which is the wattage of the motor and the stroke which determines how slow or quick the stroke of the needle will be.

Tattoo Machine Kits

Some artists prefer to get a full tattoo machine kits instead of buying individual ones when they first start out.  Do not buy a kit and start tattooing people, that is not the purpose of these setups.  The purpose of these kits are to help you learn and get familiar with the equipment and different components of supplies necessary for tattooing.  The proper way to get into this industry is by getting a proper apprenticeship.  However, you will never learn how to paint if you never pick up a paint brush so getting started with a kit to practice is usually a money-saving way of going about practicing.

Tattoo Machine Parts

Our collection of parts can be used to fix or customize.  We carry a large stock and even offer bulk orders as a tattoo machine parts wholesale service.  We are always increasing our variety so do check back often to see what new tattoo machine supplies we have available.  Hildbrandt and Inkstar equipment can use standard size and mini sized springs and coils.  It may be necessary to shim some coils to allow for better fits.  For best results, always purchase genuine Hildbrandt parts.


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