Tattoo Kit Carrying Case for Tattoo Equipment

Tattoo kit carrying case to help carry your tattoo gear and tattoo equipment. Our best model is the Sullen Blaq Paq travel bag.

We carry a selection of tattoo kit carrying cases to hold tattoo gear and tattoo equipment. A good carrying case will have ample slots to hold your needles, machines, ink, power supply and various other necessities. The cases we sell are not the same as the carrying case that comes with our tattoo kits. The closest case that is similar is the basic kit carrying case.

Tattoo Kit Carrying Case

The basic tattoo kit carrying case we have for sale used to come with our old generation tattoo kits. To cut down on the final sale price on our kits, we regretfully ended up opting for the current smaller size one. This particular case is a lot more versatile in that it has adjustable slots, comes with machine, tubes and grips tray and features an upper tray that can be detached to reveal yet another compartment for transfer paper and sketchbooks. This unit also comes with a detachable shoulder strap which is great for travel use. The material is aluminium and plastic.

Sullen Blaq Paq Tattoo Travel Bag

The Sullen Blaq Paq is an excellent travel bag that has more slots than a Las Vegas Casino. This travel bag features built in machine compartments, laptop sleeve, paintbrush pockets, music/phone compartment, headphone slit, fully enclosed units, sketchbook pouch, power supply strap and 2 custom modular cases for all supplies. The stylish design is offset on a black background.

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