Various Tattoo Furniture & Display Products

Over the course of this year, we will be offering more varieties of tattoo furniture and tattoo display products. All tattoo shops need tattoo furniture and we at Hildbrandt will be stocking a much larger selection. Our inventory will include tattoo chairs, several types of armrest and a couple varieties of stools. Generally, most furniture is made with synthetic leather or for the high end, genuine leather. To keep sales prices low, we are mainly stocking the synthetic leather. It is important to keep furniture well cleaned and sterilized for your clients, that is why we suggest regular sterilization of all furnishings in the shop.

Tattoo Display

We currently only have a limited selection of tattoo display products. Our machine stand is a neat little holder where you can either display your favourite machine or rest it during a session. The great thing about the stand is that while the gun sits there, it has little risk of touching anything else that may cause cross contamination. Check back often in this section as we will be updating and increasing our product selection within the next couple of months.


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