Our Essentials Three Tattoo Kit Refill Pack contains all the tattoo supplies most commonly used up in a tattoo kit. This is a well planned package, the needles included are the most commonly used tattoo needle groupings. The pre sterilized needle & grip combo packs eliminate the fuss and possible cross contamination caused by fumbling around to slide the needle into the tube and then inserting into the machine. The Essentials Two tattoo kit refill pack comes with the following components:

* Radiant Colors 1/2 oz Turbo Black
* Tattoo needles, grip & tube combo packs: 3RLx5, 5RLx5, 7RLx5, 9RLx5, 7RSx5, 9RSx5, 7M1x5, 7M2x5, 9M2x5 & 9RMx5
* #9 ink cups (20 pack)
* #12 ink cups (20 pack)
* Rubber bands pack (50)
* O rings pack (100)
* Grommets Pack (100)
* black textured latex gloves (100)
* Transfer Paper (5)

Product code: TKPAK3