How to Tattoo DVD's and Books

On our site we offer a wealth of information that will set you on the right track. We by no means offer a tattoo school or anything, as a matter of fact, we discourage new comers from doing any kind of skin work unless they undergo a proper apprenticeship. The goal of our kits and their educational material is to give the consumer a solid starting point; it is not intended to make them a professional artist overnight.

How to Tattoo

The question of how to tattoo, or perhaps more properly, how does one start learning is a question asked by thousands of aspiring artists every day. The traditional method to learn to tattoo was to be related or friends with someone that is a professional and learn under his or her guidance. Today, people are learning on their own from bits and pieces from the internet or go to a tattoo school which are popping up everywhere. Whilst this non-traditional method may work for some, the issue of having a lot of newbie scratchers is a serious problem for the industry. We recommend getting your first gear, usually most cost effective by buying a kit and doing long hours of tattoo training on practice skins, melons, pigskin. Build up a respectable portfolio to present when you are seeking out an apprenticeship at a shop. This is the method we endorse to becoming a professional artist. There are a lot of old school artists that will laugh at any one attempting to learn the trade on their own, while we discourage this as well, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere and no one becomes a pro overnight.

Tattoo Training Books, DVDs & More

Our Hildbrandt training DVD and the BFMT textbook are great resources for people just starting out. No dvd or book is a replacement for a proper apprenticeship and we strongly urge any persons purchasing our products to only do skin work when they finish an apprenticeship. What our training books and DVD’s do is show the viewer what it takes to become an artist, learn the ropes so to speak.

How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Becoming a tattoo artist takes patience and effort. There is no one single element that will teach you how to become an artist since this industry is one of the least standardized industries in the world. Even the industry jargon differs from region to region, so much so that one tattoo school probably has different terms for parts and components than another. There is a wealth of information on the internet, there is some good advice out there but there is also a lot of bad advice from people who probably shouldn’t be giving it.

How to Tattoo Forum

Joining a tattoo forum may be a good choice for aspiring artists eager to get some insight. The How to Tattoo Forum is a great forum with lots of helpful people. The community is full of people of differing skill levels are working towards a common goal.

Tattoo Aftercare

One of the most important aspects in learning the trade is proper tattoo aftercare. In our instructional videos and books we detail many of these techniques in an effort to promote safety in the industry. Check our tattoo aftercare tips section often as we will update it from time to time with new information.

Tattoo Information

There is a wealth of tattoo information available on our website for our customers and visitors. This is a service we offer for free in an effort to promote safety for aspiring artists. It is important for people starting out to start out with a good base of knowledge. We try to share up to date and accurate information about a tattoo for our visitors and will continue to update our blog and instructional areas of the site regularly. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting a proper apprenticeship before attempting skin work, our information is only meant to be a starting point.

Tattoo Resources

All of our tattoo resources can be found in our blog and our education section. Please note that our blog is also a no holds barred uncensored place of chat in addition to being a resource of information. Skip it if you get offended easily or share a laugh with us if you are a sense of humour.

Tattoo Videos

We have a wide variety of tattoo videos available that is a consolidation of education videos we have found on the internet. We have screened these videos for their educational value and all of the ones featured on our website are excellent resources.


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