Introducing Universal Ballpoint Pen Tattoo Cartridges – your ultimate tool for practicing or creative stipple art! These ballpoint pen cartridges offer two sizes for your artistic needs, with 0.7mm in diameter for the colored cartridges and 0.5mm for black cartridges.

These ballpoint pen cartridges are a fantastic choice for aspiring artists and tattoo apprentices alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Universal Ballpoint Pen Cartridges will get your artistic journey rolling smoothly. Perfect for practicing stipple art on paper or skin.

Using Universal Ballpoint Pen Cartridges with your rotary machine is a breeze. Simply insert them like any other cartridge and let your creativity flow. The results have been mind-blowing, with artists crafting stunning artwork like never before!

Don’t miss out on the fun and creativity these cartridges bring to your artistic journey. Embrace the stippling effects made easy with Universal Ballpoint Pen Tattoo Cartridges – your perfect companion in the world of tattooing and artistry.

Elevate your tattooing game with Universal Ballpoint Pen Cartridges – the fun way to make tattoo art!

✅ Universal Ballpoint Pen Tattoo Cartridges offer two sizes (0.7mm for the colored mix pack and 0.5mm for black), making them versatile and convenient for aspiring artists and tattoo apprentices.

✅ These cartridges are designed for stipple art, providing a fun and easy way to practice tattooing with rotary machines or tattoo pens.

✅ Universal Ballpoint Pen Cartridges are made with non-archival ink, making them perfect for practicing purposes, allowing artists to experiment and improve their skills without worry.

✅ They are compatible with both rotary machines and tattoo pens, ensuring seamless integration into existing tattoo equipment setups.

✅ With a package containing 20 ball pen cartridges, artists have an ample supply to fuel their creativity and artistic endeavors.

Product code: UNIVBALLP