Layered and compressed tattoo practice skin that retains ink and is wipe-able with cloth or paper towel with vaseline to remove excess ink! What is the point of practicing on practice skin if the end result is a blob of smudged ink over your original lines? With this ink retaining practice skin, you can lay in the ink and wipe off the excess! Measures 8″x6″ and 1.5mm thick.  Frame your best work!

Product Info:

Layered and compressed, resembles layers of skin
Each sheet measures 8″x6″ and is 1.5mm thick.
Bendable to wrap around body parts
Will work with most transfer papers
This is the real soft silicone skin, not the stiff rubber stuff that warps needles
This skin allows the ink to flow in and is wipeable similar to real skin


How to use Tattoo Practice Skin

OK, you bought some practice skin and can’t figure out what the hell to do with it. We’ll cover how to use tattoo practice skin for you. First, select a piece that is the ideal size for the work you have in mind. The standard size is 8 x 6″ but there are sheets that are larger. If you need them smaller, trim it so you can save some for next time.

Putting the Design on Practice Skin

A design can be put on practice skin with the same ease as normal skin. Just draw a design or copy a design onto a stencil paper and apply some green soap solution or stencil stuff onto the skin sheet and transfer the design on.

Tattooing Practice Skin

The process of tattooing practice skin is almost the same as doing it on the real thing. The one thing that will be different is the wiping off of runoff ink. You will not be able to do it on the practice stuff as the ink will tend to smear all over the place. The objective of this medium is for the practicing of line work so keep the amount of ink to a minimum to avoid pooling of ink.